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honey & bunny collaborate with scientists from a wide range of disciplines to ask questions about cultural issues linked to climate change and sustainability.

EAT | honey & bunny offer to create an artistic interpretation of data and knowledge and to facilitate discussions with scientists and policymakers to examine major issues related to climate change and displacement.

DISASTER | honey & bunny propose a provocative performance to stir people’s consciences and mobilize efforts on displacement at international summits: 50 guests are invited to a catastrophic meal. Policymakers, scientists, activists, citizens and migrants will be invited to an “eat art” event, observed by an invited audience, as well as filmed and shared on the Internet. Everything about the meal goes wrong, with the pair of artists goading the guests with a strong of cultural errors, ignoring all social rules, and forcing them to act strangely, all to create a true “cultural disaster.”

ART | What can we do? honey & bunny’s interdisciplinary project includes a meal that unfolds according to a script on the subject of displacement and disaster, written in conjunction with scientists and experts. As discussions take place, participants will have to feed each other, wash each other’s hands, have their mouths wiped by the artists, wash their dishes, and so on. Nothing is so intertwined with our everyday life, our personalities, our culture as the selection, preparation and consumption of food. Show me what you eat and I’ll tell you who you are!

GOAL | honey & bunny want to touch citizens emotionally, show that our cultural behavior of over-consumption inevitably leads to social problems and irreversible environmental damage – AND to suggest solutions.

Dr. Sonja Stummerer and Martin Hablesreiter, alias honey & bunny, have led project-oriented research for more than 15 years. They dedicate themselves to researching, photographing, and writing about the cultural values that constrict our lives in a corset of consumption, economic growth and waste. Over the last two years, this approach has been intensified by the possibility of collaborating concretely with scientists.

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honey & bunny’s work was presented at the UN climate change conference (COP25) in Madrid, Spain in December 2019 following their selection as one of the 2019 COAL Prize finalists, announced at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France that same year.