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Mary Mattingly, Waterpod
Photo courtesy of the artist

United Nations Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction

Geneva, Switzerland
30 April-27 May 2019 

DISPLACEMENT partnered with the UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) , the Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD), and the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)  to curate various activities to coincide with the UN Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction. This high-level intergovernmental conference brought together UN Member States to discuss their progress toward implementing the Sendai Framework on Disaster Risk Reduction.

Disaster displacement was a prominent theme during the Global Platform. UNDRR, NRC and PDD also launched a guide for states about how to address disaster displacement in their national and regional disaster risk reduction strategies- for which, incidentally, DISPLACEMENT curator Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat was the lead author. (

DISPLACEMENT’s activities included a month-long exhibition along the Lake Geneva border, inviting conference participants to carry Søren Dahlgaard’s Inflatable Island throughout the Global Platform, and presenting the DISPLACEMENT project on the conference Ignite Stage.

2019 UAL Fortnight Research Lecture

London, UK
4 March 2019 

DISPLACEMENT advisory team member and Envoy of the Platform on Disaster Displacement, Prof. Walter Kaelin presented the Fortnight Research Lecture at the University of the Arts London (UAL), “Disaster Displacement: Linking Art and Politics.” His presentation reflected how the Platform on Disaster Displacement has partnered with DISPLACEMENT to reach policymakers at international conferences with its messages through the exhibition of contemporary artworks. Prof. Kaelin’s highlighted several conditions that contribute to successfully bringing art within international political fora. 

Prof. Kaelin’s talk was introduced by the UAL Chair of Governors, David Isaac CBE, Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission. It was followed by a panel discussion and Q & A session chaired by Dr. Pratap Rughani with members of the UAL Creative Actions and Environmental Displacement research group: Prof. Lucy Orta, David Cross, DISPLACEMENT curator and UAL doctoral candidate Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat, and Prof. Oriana Baddeley. 

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Lucy Orta at LCF March 2019

Lucy Orta, speaking at the launch of 2019 UAL Research Fortnight at London College of Fashion
Photo: Gorm Ashurst

Various photos from Marrakesh 2019
Photos: Gorm Ashurst

2018 Global Forum on Migration and Development

Marrakesh, Morocco
5 – 9 December 2018

The Government of Morocco invited DISPLACEMENT to curate an exhibition as part of the 11th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) Summit and Civil Society Days in Marrakesh, Morocco. DISPLACEMENT closely collaborated with the Platform on Disaster Displacement to present the exhibition, which was also viewed by officials attending side events for the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Conference to Adopt the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. 

The artwork proposed by DISPLACEMENT highlighted the ground-breaking inclusion of displacement related to natural hazards and climate change within the new Global Compact for Migration that was adopted by UN Member States in Marrakesh at the International Conference. DISPLACEMENT artists Søren Dahlgaard and Lucy + Jorge Orta also presented their work as part of a cultural event hosted by the Government of France and the Platform on Disaster Displacement at the French Residency on 8 December. DISPLACEMENT curator Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat also presented the project as part of a side event at the GFMD Civil Society Days. 

DISPLACEMENT featured Søren Dahlgaard’s The Inflatable Island, and Lucy + Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village– No Borders and Antarctica World Passport Bureau. Videos and still images by Lars Jan (Holoscenes), Re-Locate (The Kivalina Archive), Rhino Ariefiansyah & Marie Velardi (ALEA) and Chris Wainwright (We Are All Stars) were also screened. 

The exhibition for Migration Week was made possible by generous support from the Embassy of Denmark Rabat, the Federation of Germany Foreign Office, La Fruitière, Lydiat/Wainwright Studios, the Norwegian Refugee Council, the Platform on Disaster Displacement, Pro Helvetia Cairo, the University of the Arts London, the UVA Humanitarian Collaborative, and private donors. 

2018 WUD Sulesia

Katowice, Poland 
30 November to 1 December 2018  

Kate Sedwell, DISPLACEMENT creative advisor and artist liaison, gave the keynote lecture at WUD Silesia in Katowice, Poland. She presented DISPLACEMENT’s objective to bring art within intergovernmental conferences in an effort to use creative approaches to engage policymakers about displacement related to disasters and climate change. The conference participants were primarily experts in user interfaces, who appreciated DISPLACEMENT’s approach to creating captivating spaces for engagement and exchange. 

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Atlantic Pacific Lifeboat at Geneva 2019
Photo: Görm Ashurst

Climate Change Related Displacement and Its Artistic Expressions

Théâtre de l’Orangerie
Geneva, Switzerland
25 August 2018

DISPLACEMENT curator Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat and artist Marie Velardi gave a public talk at the Théâtre de l’Orangerie called “Climate Change Related Displacement and Its Artistic Expressions” (Déplacements climatiques et ses expressions artistiques). The presentation began with an overview by Entwisle Chapuisat of the current legal and political developments related to displacement in the context of disasters and climate change. Velardi then screened her film ALEA, about displacement in Vendée, France following the 2010 storm Xynthia, which she co-created with Indonesian anthropologist Rhino Ariefiansyah. She also presented selected works from her ongoing artistic research practice Land-Sea (Terre-Mer), which explores the idea of moving territories in coastal areasAfter sharing the works of other selected artists participating in DISPLACEMENT, they invited the public to join them in a discussion about the potential roles artists and art practice can play in imagining new possibilities for the future and contributing to the development of international policy on disaster displacement.

Still from ALEA by Marie Velardi and Rhino Ariefiansyah
Courtesy of the artist

To read more about the event see (in French):

The talk complemented the Théâtre de l’Orangerie’s production of Henning Mankell’s play Ténèbres, about two African refugees who have received asylum in Sweden, which the director Andrea Novicov asks the audience to imagine in the context of contemporary challenges related to climate change and displacement.

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Lars Jan Holoscenes
Photo courtesy of the artist

2018 UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs

Geneva, Switzerland
29 June 2018

Lars Jan’s Holoscenes was screened as part of the side-event “Rights and Resilience: Protecting people displaced in the context of climate change and disaster” during the UNHCR Annual Consultations with NGOs, which brings together some 300 non-governmental organizations from around 90 countries.

DISPLACEMENT’s contributions were part of the panel moderated by Atle Solberg of the Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD). Madeline Garlick of UNHCR gave introductory remarks, followed by presentations from Nina M. Birkeland of the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC), Reza Chowdhary of COAST BD, Kristen Hite of Oxfam, and Gopal Krishna Siwakoti of INHURED. Chirine El-Labbane of PDD presented the DISPLACEMENT project, and read a statement from the artist Lars Jan.

To read more about the event see:

Nansen Initiative Global Consultation

Geneva, Switzerland
12-13 October 2015

DISPLACEMENT developed the cultural programme for the 2015 Nansen Initiative Global Consultation, which included an exhibition Lucy + Jorge Orta’s Antarctic Village- No Borders and Antarctica World Passport Bureau for government delegates and the public, and multiple artistic interventions at the conference venue.

Contributing artists: Ackroyd & Harvey, Rhino Ariefiansyah, Gorm Ashurst, David Buckland, Robin Jenkins, Yoi Kawakubo, Vicky Long, Anne Lydiat, Michèle Noach, Lucy + Jorge Orta, Andri Pol, Din Muhammad Shibly, Marie Velardi and Chris Wainwright.

Various images from Geneva 2015

Panel discussion at Geneva 2015
Photo: Gorm Ashurst

Disaster Displacement, Art and Policymaking Panel Discussion

Geneva, Switzerland
11 October 2015

Public panel discussions between artists, researchers and policymakers discussed the topics of disasters and displacement, and the role artistic contributions can make in policy processes.

Panel participants: Robin Bronen, Bruce Burson, Hannah Entwisle Chapuisat, Dina Ionesco, Robin Jenkins, Walter Kaelin, Lucy Orta, José Riera, Din Muhammad Shibly, Marie Velardi and Chris Wainwright.