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Antarctic Village- No Borders and Antarctica World Passport Bureau, on display during the Nansen Global Consultation at Pavillon Sicli in 2015, address issues relating to the environment, politics, habitat, mobility and relationships among peoples.  In 2007, Lucy + Jorge Orta founded their ephemeral Antarctic Village, with each dwelling hand stitched by a traditional tent maker with sections of flags from countries around the world, along with extensions of clothes and gloves, symbolizing the multiplicity and diversity of people.  Together the flags and fragments of clothes emblazoned with silkscreen motifs make reference the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and could be considered the physical embodiment of the ‘Global Village’.

Through the Antarctica project, the artists explore the underlying principles of the of the Antarctic peace treaty, as a symbol of the unification of world citizens. The continent’s immaculate environment  the village embodies all the wishes of humanity and spreads a message of hope to future generations. In 2008, the first printed edition of the Antarctica World Passport was produced for an important survey exhibition of the artist’s work at the Hangar Bicocca centre for contemporary art in Milan, Italy. Through the worldwide distribution of Antarctica World Passport the artists have created a major socially engaging and participative art project.

Lucy Orta and Jorge Orta are internationally renowned artists who have been working in partnership at Studio Orta since 1992. Their collaborative practice explores the major concerns that define the 21st century: biodiversity, sustainability, climate change, and exchange among peoples. The artists realise major bodies of work employing drawing, sculpture, photography, video and performances in an endeavour to use art to achieve social justice. Their work is the focus of exhibitions in major contemporary art museums around the world and can be found in international public and private collections.

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For DISPLACEMENT: Uncertain Journeys in 2015, Lucy Orta and Jorge Orta created Antarctic Village – No Borders and Antarctic World Passport Bureau