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I remember when all this was fields

This work looks at encroachment of the sea into human made structures. In this case an old – once much loved – pier in Brighton on the south coast of England, is slowly being reclaimed by the sea into the piers primitive parts. The phrase ‘I remember when all this was fields’ resonates with memories of once green places that have been encroached by urbanisation.  This reflects that oneday peoples homes will eventually be reclaimed by the sea.

Gorm is Creative Director of Bullet Creative, a curator and artist.

His practice involves documenting social impact of future worlds, cross cutting energy, climate change and landscape.

Bullet Creative, where Gorm is design director were artists in residence at The Eden Project in Cornwall, UK, as part of Cape Farewell | Eden Project’s Slow Art Programme.  The outcome of this residency saw Gorm creating the Arctic Gnome installation of 1000 Gnomes to represent the arctic sea ice, which he promptly gave away to the public in exchange for a climate change pledge.

Gorm also in recent times art directed the Open Universities Stories of Change Project, and continues to design for various arts and environmental organisations.

His cat is called Jess, and he enjoys writing about himself in the third person.

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For DISPLACEMENT: Uncertain Journeys in 2015, Gorm art directed and assisted curation on the project as well supplying his round table work: I remember when all this was fields